The AI Eye Screening Activity on 26th at KL ~ 31st to Batu Pahat.

KL 128 persons + B.P 158 = 286 persons to do FOC AI Eye Screening.

The Total for 2 Trip AI Eye Screening help 274 +286=560 persons.

All the Expense Sponsor by Hong Thai Health Care Group. (560xRM180=RM100,800)


To cooperate with BATU PAHAT HOKKIEN ASSOCIATION to Arrange The Press Conference .

which to public The AI Eye Screening FOC Activity for the members.



The general manager of the International Department of China Kanghua Technology Group and the executive director of Hongtai Healthcare Group are concentrating on registering the patients with retinopathy.


Due to the very enthusiastic response, more than 150 people participated actively, and each person’s information must be exchange by Code n sent to the headquarters of Chengdu INEye Hospital with great care and accuracy. & filter.

After comparison with millions of data, it will be reviewed and certified by a team of experts before a professional report is issued.

It will be sent back to the headquarters of Malaysia Hong Thai Healthcare Group and will be sent to every client’s mobile phone.

Two senior experts from China are working on the detection of fundus retinopathy.

In the day to deal with more than 100 people at the same time, two engineers are still insist to do the checkup until finish.

In China, these inspections are generally carried out by their subordinate staff.