The demand for diagnostic imaging continues to increase. Advancing technology improves diagnosis and supports better patient care pathways. Best practice quickly becomes established and more uses for imaging emerge.
As demand quickly outstrips supply, hospitals can find themselves struggling to cope with lengthening waiting lists. Downtime when scanners are being maintained, repaired or replaced exacerbates the problem.
Some hospitals have no imaging department at all, but still need to access high quality diagnostic services for the benefit of their patients.
Syncnergy Sdn Bhd’s (SSB) mobile imaging services can help you meet your hospital’s specific short term or long term requirements quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.
Reduce waiting lists
Hospitals can’t afford the consequences of failing to hit nationally set performance targets. Every hospital needs to avoid Department of Health financial penalties, and to protect its reputation for delivering high quality patient care. We can work with Trusts and hospitals to avoid these penalties by offering immediate capacity via mobile imaging services.
The flexibility of our mobile imaging services means that you can continuously provide a high quality service for your patients that meets standards and avoids costly penalties.